Liverpool Still Without Suarez Stay Sharp

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Liverpool Still Without Suarez Stay Sharp

Liverpool Still Without Suarez Stay Sharp

Liverpool Luis Suarez last season heavily involved in Liverpool’s 101 goals scored in the Premier League. Although now no longer the name of Suarez in the squad, The Red’ is believed to still look sharp.

Not only making 31 goals, 12 assists Suarez also donate which makes involved in 43 goals from 101 Liverpool goals. From these statistics seen how important the role of Suarez.

Although not denying that fellow forward, Daniel Sturridge, also made 21 goals and contributed many assists and do not forget the role of Steven Gerrard with 14 goals and 14 assists her.

Still, the loss of Suarez is finally moving to Barcelona, making Liverpool predicted to be difficult to repeat his performance last season, especially about making a lot of goals in every game.

Brendan Rodgers as manager of Liverpool respond to chill out this prediction and said that his team would prove that they can make a lot of goals, although no figure of Suarez on the front lines.

Luis is a world-class talent, but we were 71 our goal of 101 goals last season, coming from the other players,” Rodgers said as quoted by Soccernet.

Obviously every major team will feel the loss of star players are away., But for us, nothing is bigger than the club,” he continued.

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