Believed Inzaghi Can Succeed in Milan

Believed Inzaghi Can Succeed in Milan

Milan Former AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko, Filippo Inzaghi believes has everything to be successful as a club coach. However Inzaghi should be given time and can not necessarily conjure up the Rossoneri so great anymore.

Post slumped last season and made ​​the turn from the coach Massimiliano Allegri to Clarence Seedorf, Inzaghi as Milan then appoint a new allenatore start this season.

Appointment Inzaghi is also not without its pros and cons given the 41-year-old men experience only limited training Milan primavera team. But there is also optimism bubbling along track records when still a player.

No need to asked what has been achieved Inzaghi during his career as a footballer, because he was successful while playing two top Italian clubs Juventus and Milan.

Now with what you achieve as a player, Inzaghi have the capital to be able to achieve similar success when he became coach of Milan as long as he is given time to pursue his career at the club

I always believe that Inzaghi will one day be a coach,” said Shevchenko told Football Italia.

He’s got the talent to fill that position. Fact, while still a player, he was very interested in discussing the matter of tactics during the match,” he continued.

I think Pippo could bring Milan become a great team again, but we should not expect miracles happen immediately.”

Pippo himself had made ​​his debut with the right moment to bring Milan‘s 3-1 win over Lazio in the opening match of Serie A.