Juventus Beat Milan at the San Siro

Juventus Beat Milan at the San Siro

Milan Juventus come out as the winner in bigmatch face AC Milan at the San Siro. Single goal Carlos Tevez ensure the Bianconeri took the top of the standings.

Duel Milan with Juventus on Sunday (21/09/2014) pm dawn runs fierce in the first round. However, despite the sale of assault no goals came in the first 45 minutes.

In the second half Juventus appear much more dominant, while Milan is forced to endure a lot in his own defense. Goals are nesting in goalkeeper Cristian Abbiati was created on 71 minutes through Carlos Tevez’s actions after completing a removable bait Paul Pogba.

The result of this match Juventus top Serie A win with a perfect score of nine from three matches. While this result makes Milan for their failure to continue two victories already gained at the beginning of the season. Rossoneri are now in the top three standings with six points.

The game

At the San Siro on Sunday (09/21/2014) pm dawn, the game runs fierce and hard from the first minute. Some of the violations occurred in both camps who make the referee had to work extra hard to lead the game.

In the early minutes, Juventus appear more determined and managed to dominate the game. Several shots were released, one of which is best is by kicking distance Roberto Pereyra is still flying high