British media Crowded Problem Strootman, Sabatini: He’s Still Not Sold

British media Crowded Problem Strootman, Sabatini: He's Still Not Sold

Rome Rumors that Kevin Strootman will leave AS Roma back in circulation in the UK. Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini, was once again must affirm that Strootman will not be sold.

Never letup this rumor could not be separated from the fact that Strootman is one of the favorite players of Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal. British media are fairly “funthen by idly ask Roma coach, Rudi Garcia, Strootman matter when a visit to the Etihad Stadium a few days ago.

Garcia responded to these rumors lightly. The French coach said, to find out about Strootman, the bosses of Rome over the right to provide clarification.

Now the clarification submitted by Sabatini. The answer is still the same as before: Strootman will not be sold, there will also be released in January.

I see, all these exaggerated stories of British origin,” Sabatini said as quoted by Sky Sports.

There is no problem with Strootman, he is one of our most important players and we lost him. Had been months since we played without him, while we build a game based on him.”

He will be back soon and he still is not sold,” said Sabatini.

Strootman get a knee injury towards the end of last season and expected to be playing in December.