Balotelli Rate 7 for Performance in Liverpool

Balotelli Rate 7 for Performance in Liverpool

Liverpool Mario Balotelli gave a performance of seven for Liverpool so far. Balotelli also believe will soon make a lot of goals for the Reds.

Since recruited from AC Milan last summer, Balotelli did not perform according to expectations of Liverpool supporters. In fact, he was originally expected to be the new flagship in the front lines after Luis Suarez move to Barcelona.

Number of goals Balotelli is still very small for the size of a striker. He has scored two goals in 14 matches in all competitions. In the Premier League, he was still barren and never once came into the game.

Balotelli considers his performance so far not so bad. When asked to rate from 0 to 10, he gave a 7 for him.

Seven because I ran more than ever before,” said Balotelli to FOX Sports Australia.

Because the goals will come. It is something that does not appear at this time. But, it’s not something that just disappeared,” he added.

“Run, as I do now, I never ran like this,” said Balotelli.

“I do not need people to believe in me for believing in myself. People are important to me are my family and some of my close friends, as long as they believe in me,” he continued.

Some people think because I did not score and did not start the season well then I can not be one of the top players, a very good player for this team. That’s their business,” said Balotelli.

“I do not care about the stories that people say about me because I know they’re lying,” he said.