“Italy Vs Croatia Water Polo Can such a game”

"Italy Vs Croatia Water Polo Can such a game"

MILAN, Croatia coach Niko Kovac assess the European Cup qualifying match between his team and Italy, which will take place at the San Siro on Sunday (11/16/2014), could be canceled if the field conditions and the weather is not permitting.

Milan city flooded by rain, which occurred on Saturday (11/15/2014). Italy and Croatia had to cancel their training plans at the San Siro.

If the field remains in this condition, the match can not be carried out. The ball can not bounce. It will be like a game of water polo,” said Kovac.

Meanwhile, Italy coach Antonio Conte hopes the weather improved, so that the field can be prepared as best as possible.

Hopefully the weather improves. For the good of the game, the field must be in the best condition,” said Conte.

Italy and Croatia are in Group H along with Norway, Bulgaria, Malta, and Azerbaijan. Croatia are top with nine points, or only on goal difference from Italy in second place.

“The match tomorrow will be different from the others, because this group contains the big teams and small. Obviously, this will be an interesting match. We will deal with a certain awareness to measure ourselves in front of Croatia,” said Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

We are humble, but also has big ambitions because we are Italian and football history showed who we were. We want to impress tomorrow and convince ourselves and the public that the Italian team is still alive and toothless,” he added.