‘Juve are now like a chameleon, Kans Have More Success in Italy and Europe’

'Juve are now like a chameleon, Kans Have More Success in Italy and Europe'

Rome Juventus look like a chameleon called under the direction of Massimiliano Allegri today. In general, Juve also called to speak more than ever in Italy and Europe.

The assessment is made by Giovanni Trapattoni, the figure of which once drove the Bianconeri to six Serie A titles and one Champions Cup / Champions League.

It is said Trapattoni, under the direction of Allegri, who handles the ‘Old Ladysince last summer replacing Antonio Conte, Juve are now better adapted to the Italian and European scene. It could be the key to further progress.

This team has the quality to be successful in the league and Europe. They can remain good regardless of the starting XI because of the great balance of tactics and Massimiliano Allegri handle change well,” said Trapattoni told Tuttosport.

Allegri already have the capital to go as far as possible in Europe and then win the title again. If Juve are not unlucky and if they do not get seriously injured so they could provide a serious challenge outside Italy.

The first three months after the New Year will be the key to their season and we will be able to better understand where their direction. Meanwhile they have demonstrated exceptional awareness of their potential because if you look at the eyes of the players against Parma, they already showed determination beyond usual, he explained as quoted by Football Italia.

In the previous two games, face Olympiakos and Parma, Juve change variant 3-5-2 formation used in the era of Conte became a 4-3-2-1 style Allegri. Trapattoni believes this makes them become more competitive in Europe.

Tactically, they are now like a chameleon as versatile and they have to show it – that’s why I can say quite firmly that they are more European than before and it is a determinant of quality,” said Trapattoni.