Mourinho: Just One Team Wants To Win

Mourinho: Just One Team Wants To Win

Sunderland Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted that Sunderland had hindered his team. But, he also mentions Sunderland showed no desire to win.

Chelsea just picking a number out of the match at the Stadium of Light on Sunday (11/30/2014) pm dawn. The Blues were forced to accept a goalless draw by Sunderland.

Chelsea showed its dominance in this game through control of the ball that reaches 66 percent. They also made 24 experiments recorded despite scoring only six that led to the goal.

Meanwhile, Sunderland also had quite a lot of opportunities. The Black Cats releasing 12 shots and three of them on target.

It’s one point. It was a tough game. Only one team trying to win from the start, others do not,” said Mourinho was quoted by the BBC.

They are a lot of them survive and survive well. Many survive and survive well is not a crime. It is a strategy and a strategy was successful for them,” he continued.

We were a little tired towards the end of the game and we were left a little space. But, there is no negative thing I would say about my team,” said Mourinho.

It’s not easy to play here and not easy to play against a team who have time during the week to prepare. The players I‘ve tried everything to win, but we can not win,” he said.
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