Poor Auxiliary Field End Fasting Tevez goal in the Champions League Away

Poor Auxiliary Field End Fasting Tevez goal in the Champions League Away

Malmo Carlos Tevez will successfully end the fasting length away goal in the Champions League at home to Malmo FF. Tevez also should be grateful to the poor field conditions, so that the goal can be created.

Last September Tevez, in the game against Malmo in Turin, ending the goal of fasting in this competition after scoring two goals against the Swedish team.

Before a pair of his goal, Tevez last time to make goals in the Champions League is on 7 April 2009 while still membelar Manchester United on goal FC Porto.

After two months later, back in the game against Malmo, Tevez put an end to the poor record of fasting away goal in the Champions League, after the last wicket to make Lyon in February 2008, or nearly seven years ago.

Tevez made his goal in the 88th minute while ensuring a 2-0 win over Malmo. Arguably the goal was smelling luck and Tevez admits it.

When receiving a pass from Paul Pogba, who ran welcome Tevez then kicked the ball round leather. But the ball is actually not the right direction towards goal, but the ball then bounced off the ground and instead turned into the goal.

Field conditions are not so good, but in fact it helped to create a goal. So I can not complain about that!Tevez told Sky Sport Italia.

I think the odd goal. I’m a little kick a ball with my heels. I have to kick the ball as quickly as possible, rather than control, because I do not know what kind of reflection,” he continued.