Realistically, Call Wenger Arsenal 90% Finish Second

Realistically, Call Wenger Arsenal 90% Finish Second

London Seeing position, chances group winners Arsenal smaller than Borussia Dortmund. Even so, one thing is for sure Arsenal will hunt for victory in the final preliminary match.

Gunner’ has just qualified for the round of 16 after defeating Dortmund 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium last night. This victory cut the distance to Dortmund to two points in the order of the top two.

Arsene Wenger deserves Arsenal realistic chance. Because, the Gunners must win at Galatasaray while hoping Dortmund headquarters will lose at home to Anderlecht. A draw could also pass Dortmund Arsenal if they can beat the Turks by six goals.

However, apparently hoping Dortmund lost against Anderlecht is quite difficult. At least reflect on their first meeting where Dortmund were successful in defeating his opponent 3-0 in front of the public itself.

I will try to win the last game and you never know,” said the Arsenal manager in the club’s official website.

If Anderlecht win in Dortmund headquarters and we did not win at the headquarters of Galatasaray then you will say that we were stupid.”

It seems to be difficult (to Arsenal), we can now say that 90 percent will finish second and Dortmund will finish first,” added Wenger.