This time Mourinho Jump Bete When asked about Liverpool

This time Mourinho Jump Bete When asked about Liverpool

Maribor Before the game against Maribor, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho took time to comment on the team that will face Liverpool at the weekend. After the match against Maribor, Mourinho instead immediately look away when asked about Liverpool’s back.

This weekend Chelsea will face Liverpool in a party that brings the two top teams of the Premier League last season was also involved in the title race and ended up finishing in the top three and two respectively.

As a result, the feel of the game had already helped overshadow the Champions League acted by Liverpool and Chelsea in midweek. Not surprisingly, then Mourinho also asked about the decision of Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is considered not degrade the strongest squad in the 0-1 defeat at Real Madrid headquarters, Wednesday (11/05/2014) pm dawn. When Mourinho was happy to answer and give their views.

Well, after Chelsea finished diving game against Maribor on Thursday (6/11) pm dawn, Mourinho was asked about Liverpool in the official interview after the game. The response this time was warm, perhaps because it still was not satisfied with the final score 1-1 in the match.

Match against Liverpool are always going to be a big thing. Is it more difficult now to remember what happened in the last 24 hours?” asked the interviewer.

Mourinho got the question this time was just shaking his head in a sign of reluctant to answer. He then looked away and tried to leave the premises immediately.

You do not want to talk about Liverpool?” said the interviewer who has not given up.