Allegri: Football Italia Missed Period

Allegri: Football Italia Missed Period

Turin Italy Serie A League, which used to be the belle of the football world, are now becoming obsolete. Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, accused the principles of Italian football as the culprits.

There was a time when Serie A be the goal of world-class players. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Andriy Shevchenko and many more top players in his time grazing in Italy.

But now the Serie A league like outcasts. Only the stars are already not too bright else would graze there.

According Allegri, Italian football is too obsessed with making system prestige State football Pizza was downhill.

I’m afraid we treat young players such as chickens,” said Allegri as reported by Football Italia.

In Italy, the national team to call a young age most players in accordance with the system. In Germany, they call the best players then find tactics in order to play them. That‘s the difference. Football has changed, he added.

The 47-year-old coach explained that football should be more spontaneous. Nowadays, every tactic can be found weaknesses quickly.

(Former AC Milan coach Arrigo) Sacchi revolutionized football, but while it is still easy to surprise people. Before you get used to record and analyze, it took three years to find a way of paralyzing tactic 4-3-3 (former coach of AS Roma) Zdenek Zeman, he said.

You can not make a surprise this time, so you have to rely on talent. I’m not the type that crazy about tactics. I’m more impulsive. Most inspiration comes just when I was thinking about it. I often get the idea to change the formation in the middle of the night, Allegri concluded.

Together Allegri, Juventus currently tops the standings by a single point from AS Roma.