Anchors Barca midfielder Chelsea target

Anchors Barca midfielder Chelsea target

LONDON Francesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic are two pivot or anchor mainstay Chelsea midfielder who always played Jose Mourinho this season. Both did not have a replacement worth. As a result, Mou looking for players to coat both players.

Choice fell to the anchor Barcelona midfielder who is a former colleague Fabregas, Sergio Busquets. Original cast upbringing La Masia is presumably thinking about his future at Barcelona.

He was not happy with the vision of the future of Luis Enrique with Barcelona, and know about it. The Spanish midfielder enthusiasts club‘s 26-year-old was immediately lined up to get his autograph.

According to The Express (12/29/2014), Chelsea are in the forefront to bring it. The Blues ahead of other clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich.

Even so, Barcelona still keeps the desire to hold Busquets to remain at the Nou Camp with new contracts and agreements long duration. Transfermarkt membanderol Busquets at a price of 35.2 million pounds.