De Gea ciamik, MU Brush Liverpool at Old Trafford

De Gea ciamik, MU Brush Liverpool at Old Trafford

Manchester Manchester United continue the trend of victories by beating Liverpool 3-0. Red Devils three goals printed Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, and Robin van Persie.

Manchester United host Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday (12/14/2014) night in the Premier League week 16.

Liverpool almost makes Old Trafford was silent in the 11th minute. Receiving feedback breakthrough, Sterling kick from inside the penalty box can still be secured De Gea.

One minute later, MU would be able to score goals. Starting from the action of Valencia past two Liverpool players on the right wing, horizontal feed to kick outside the penalty area welcomed hard Rooney. 1-0.

Sterling had another golden opportunity to score in the 24th minute. However, his shot from a narrow angle was on hand De Gea.

Red Devils scored the second goal in the second temabakan effort on goal in the 40th minute. Juan Mata‘s header header using the ball Van Persie was dammed goalkeeper Brad Jones. Of reruns, the actual eye in an offside position. Score 2-0 to survive until the first half ended.

In the second half, Liverpool direct hit. Evans error in doing backpass nearly disastrous. The ball is too weak and can be controlled by Sterling. Luckily, De Gea look impressive and thwart the golden opportunity.

De Gea back into the savior of Chelsea’s goal in the 68th minute. Receiving a short pass Sterling, hard kick in front of goal Balotelli still be ignored De Gea and the ball had hit the bar.

Kept pressed, MU actually able to score a third goal in the 71st minute. Starting from a quick counter-attack, Mata give feedback breakthrough to Rooney. Players from the United Kingdom to provide feedback to the direction of Van Persie.

The ball can be thrown away Liverpool defender but fell at the feet Mata. Instead of shooting, the former Chelsea player that feed into the direction of Van Persie unmarked. Left foot shot ripped the nets Liverpool.

De Gea again made Liverpool frustrated. Balotelli kick 82 minutes in front of goal was again thwarted the Spanish goalkeeper. Three minutes later, returned De Gea confront Balotelli kick in the penalty box. 3-0 score lasted until the fight was over.

This victory did not change the position of Manchester United in third place with 31 points, while Liverpool ranked ninth with 21 points. [Yob]


Man United: De Gea; Valencia, Jones (McNair 89 ), Evans, Young; Carrick; Fellaini, Eyes; Rooney (Falcao 78 ); Van Persie, Wilson (Herrera 71 ). Coach: Louis van Gaal

Liverpool: Jones; Johnson, Skrtel, Lovren, Moreno (Markovic 68 ); Henderson, Gerrard, Allen; Coutinho, Lallana (Balotelli 46 ), Sterling. Coach: Brendan Rodgers