Explain Zanetti Inter Balotelli Transfer Problem

Explain Zanetti Inter Balotelli Transfer Problem

Milan In recent weeks, Inter Milan was reportedly interested in accommodating Marion Balotelli in January 2015. However, the news was refuted vice president of Inter, Javier Zanetti.

The 24-year-old became the object of news ahead of the opening of the transfer window mid-season next month. Liverpool as a club owner reportedly intends to release the player nicknamed Super Mario was following the poor performance during the first half of the season.

Imported from AC Milan for a fee of 16 million Pounds (323 billion rupiah), the Italian national team players failed to score a single goal in 10 games that have been played.

Italian media once news spread that calls the current Inter coach Roberto Mancini wants Balotelli back to the Giuseppe Meazza next year.

Balotelli back? We all know Mario Balotelli is a great player but I think this (back to Inter) is difficult because he had just joined Liverpool,” said Zanetti to Skysport Italy.

When asked about who the players who will be brought Beneamata, Argentine man replied diplomatically.

For this, we will hold a meeting after the game against Lazio to see what we can do and what is required in the transfer window,” he concluded.

Mario Balotelli played for Inter for three and a half seasons in the range from June 2006 to January 2010. During that time, he scored 20 goals from 59 games and present Italian Series title, Coppa Italia, Super Coppa Italia, to the European Champions League. [Yob]