“Just Giggs Better than Gerrard”

"Just Giggs Better than Gerrard"

LIVERPOOL Players and captain of the Reds of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard is actually middle criticized this season. Performance is assessed decreased and its golden period has expired due to age.

Gerrard is currently 34 years old and do not always derived manager of The Kop, Brendan Rodgers in every game that acted so stamina awake. Even so, a former colleague Jamie Carragher still looked high Gerrard.

For the former Liverpool defender who is now a pandit football, Gerrard is the best player the Premier League. Carragher did not hesitate to incorporate it into his former 11 Premier League best player of all time.

He even believes that Gerrard is better than the former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes and former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.

Gerrard parallel with Roy Keane who incidentally former United captain and only one player who can beat him. He is Ryan Giggs who spent all his career with the Red Devils.

Steven Gerrard will play in parallel with Keane. Scholes and Lampard quite close to him, but Gerrard has an advantage. Ryan Giggs, the most decorated player okay records with record matches and trophies were never defeated, played as a left-wing, “said Carragher excerpted from Squawka, Friday (12/26/2014).