Mourinho Reject Action Punishment Diving

Mourinho Reject Action Punishment Diving

LONDON Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, has rejected the idea of using a panel of independent judges to review or diving action and give severe punishment to the perpetrators. Given the number of players now being criticized, in recent weeks.

Diego Costa and Willian, was said to have diving action in the Blues 2-0 victory over Hull City some time ago. Not only these two players, Gary Cahill also must face the oblique comment after falling in the opponent’s penalty box.

Former referee observer who is also an English football, Mark Halsey, has been advised to immediately set up an agency in charge of correcting and impose sanctions against the shameful actions. However, for the system Mourinho it would be a disaster in football.

The panel did not do their job properly. Panel only benefit people who always have an interest. When you go to an independent panel to analyze and suspend players with video evidence, it was a disaster, “said Mourinho, as reported by Goal, Tuesday (12/23/2014).

I see someone kick a player on the pitch, hitting the back, there is a suspension for it. I see other players with little things suspended. I analyzed the independent panel in the last season, and I was punished because I was trying to help, “added Mourinho.