This Reasons Not Regret Release Chelsea Lampard

This Reasons Not Regret Release Chelsea Lampard

London Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, called the move the Blues took off Frank Lampard at the end of last season is the right step and he did not regret it.

Played for 13 seasons and scored 147 goals that made him the top scorer in the history of the club does not guarantee Lampard will be maintained. The end of last season, the Super Lamp surprisingly expelled’ from Stamford Bridge after the club was reluctant to extend his contract expired.

He also accommodated MLS club United States, New York City FC, in the month of June. While waiting for the start of the 2015 MLS next January, the 36-year-old was loaned to Manchester City.

Joint City, Lampard look impressive. He was a key player in midfield the Citizens. From 11 games, Lampard also has scored four goals, including one goal against Hull City last weekend.

Many of the judge‘s decision removing Lampard Chelsea is a blunder. However, it is denied Mourinho. According to him, leave Stamford Bridge has become the decision of the player.

That’s life, nothing to do with us. He left Chelsea as a free transfer and choose life, we can not interfere. That’s football,” explained the 51-year coach to Skysport.

Since Jose Mounriho back to Stamford Bridge earlier this season, becoming the club rejuvenation project Portuguese coach. A number of young names such as Nemanja Matic and Cecs Fabregas poses.

He did not dodge if referred to the departure of Lampard as the sacrifice of the ambitious project.

My view is, when you want to look ahead, look to the future, and have players like Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic and Jeremie Boga (midfielder U21) which is the hope of the next 10 years for the club,” he continued.

This project is preparing for the next 10 years, not for the next season. We made the right decision,” he memungkasi. [yob]