Step Again, Arsenal Boyong Rising Star French

Step Again, Arsenal Boyong Rising Star French

LONDON Having previously had been linked with young talents belonging to Olympique Lyon, Nabil Fekir. Now, Arsenal again reported ready to bring young players Frenchman, namely Jordan Veretout.

As reported Sportmole, Thursday (12/25/2014) reported Arsene Wenger is excited to bring Veretout to the Emirates Stadium next season. In fact, management Arsenal had to spend around four million Pounds in order to obtain the signature of the 21-year-old players.

Vertout name itself is no stranger to Wenger, considering he really had almost recruited at the beginning of this season. However, it is nevertheless the case that the club owner Veretout, FC Nantes reject the bid filed by the Gunners camp.

However, with Veretout contract which expires in 2017. Plus the lack of negotiating a contract extension given by the management Nantes so far, making Veretout Wenger interested in bringing back in the near future.

Wenger himself who is known to have the ability to sharpen the young players, it seems very smitten with the talent possessed by Veretout. Moreover, its position as a versatile midfielder allegedly would add to the power of the Gunners midfield.