How to Survive Liverpool & Arsenal Very Poor

How to Survive Liverpool & Arsenal Very Poor

MANCHESTER prestigious duel between Liverpool Anfield that brings with Arsenal turns criticism. Criticism came from Manchester United legend, now a football analyst, Gary Neville.

By looking at the appearance of the club, Neville came to the conclusion that the Reds and the Gunners away from the hope to win the prestigious title this season, whether it’s the Premier League and the Champions League.

I’m not interested in their appearance yesterday, two teams doing the wrong thing,” said Neville, as reported Sportmole, Tuesday (12/23/2014).

If we’re talking two teams who want to challenge the Premier League or the Champions League, it’s not going to happen. They are very far from the track, added the player who has collected eight Premier League titles with the Red Devils this.

Meanwhile, Neville considers the two clubs, both Arsenal and Liverpool, has a bad defense. Even the player‘s full name Gary Alexander Neville considers both the club did not know how to defend well.

We’ve danced around the issue of encouraging, that the two clubs playing decent football. They do not know how to stop the ball from the net on their own. They do not understand how to survive in the forbidden box them and they do not know how to stop the opposing players . And, it is a big problem, he said.