Already Time Rio Ferdinand Retirement

Already Time Rio Ferdinand Retirement

LONDON Rio Ferdinand has been rendered obsolete. Former Manchester United defender 36-year-old was also urged by many parties, especially the fans to immediately retire alone.

Ferdinand is still a career at Queens Park Rangers (QPR), later became the butt of QPR fans. 0-3 defeat of third caste League One team, Sheffield United in the FA Cup then, no big pressure on coach Harry Redknapp, but rather to Ferdinand who failed to contribute.

Older brother of Anton Ferdinand was also only appear once in the 13 parties that played the Hoops in the Premier League. A signal in which Ferdinand was again given full credence by Redknapp.

After the humiliating defeat of Sheffield, Sunday (04/01/2015) and local time, began to appear chirpchirp condemned Ferdinand on his Twitter account, @ rioferdy5. But soon, the players remove comments that scathing of his account.

Oirioferdy I paid 15 pounds just to see you falling for an hour, now get out of the field. Football England did not need you anymore,” chirpingstoz_esquire account.

I swear in every game played by Rio Ferdinand #qpr lose,” added nudgeadamAKAshifty account.

Rio Ferdinand too often just staring at the ball and it’s not good news,” saidMalaysianRs.

But unfortunately, it seems Ferdinand not affected and tend to ignore. As ever He explained last October on The Jonathan Ross Show” on ITV, he would not think of going to retire at the end of the season five months longer than the desire of fans.

I might think (retired) at the end of the season,” said Ferdinand brief.