Concerned Valencia Position United

Concerned Valencia Position United

MANCHESTER – Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia, is so convinced that the competition for places in the top four of the Premier League is still wide open for some teams. In fact he started pessimistic, the Red Devils could not sit in the big four zones at the end of the season.

Since the United coach seats taken Louis van Gaal, while it is also a public expectation Old Trafford increasingly soar. One of the desired target, which is once again participating in the Champions League next season.

These conditions require the Meneer, to lift the performance of Wayne Rooney et al were only able to finish in seventh in the standings last season. As a result, United should be absent in European competition this time.

In the second half of this season, the Reds Devils have been able to sit in fourth in the standings. However, this position can be evicted at any time, given Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool continue to lurk below.

“Four are still very open to multiple teams, and quite tight at vertices. We are seven points behind second place (Manchester City) and then several teams of three or four points behind us, “said Valencia, sepert Sportsmole reported on Thursday (01/29/2015).

“We had to fight hard in the remaining matches, to finish this competition as high as possible. It’s a long season and we have had some good results, so we just need to keep achievement in the next game for the fans. If we continue to concentrate on high, we can achieve our goals in the last four, “he concluded.