El Tigre Ready to Print Goal Again

El Tigre Ready to Print Goal Again

MANCHESTER Once relegated as a starter when Manchester United beat Queens Park Rangers on Saturday (17/01/2015), Radamel Falcao insists that if he wants to appear on a weekly basis. According to the Colombian National Team striker, he deserves to play in every game because it does not undergo fitness problems.

Previously, the word got out Falcao difficult to recover from a knee injury that has menderanya since early 2014 last. That’s what makes the Red Devils management plans do not mempermanenkan status of the former Atletico Madrid striker was at the end of the season.

Moreover, it took no small amount of money to patent the El Tigre from Monaco. United must spend as much as 43 million pounds, or approximately Rp825,6 billion to bind the topscorer Europa League 2010/2011.

It is 90 minutes which is important to me. I have to play and are very happy to do it. I‘d love to get a goal back as soon as possible. I believe that the opportunity is coming, he said as citing the Mirror, Tuesday (01/20/2015).

I’m in good shape today. I play without experiencing fitness problems, he explained.

With the team winning three Champions League titles, Falcao has played 13 times in the Premier League event and repacking three goals. Of course, for the class attacker himself, is relatively minimal amount of goals. Certainly, the 28-year-old players will try to improve the level of fitness and game in order to get back into the interpreter knocked on top as he showed during the defense of Porto and Atletico.