Many People Want to Topple Chelsea

Many People Want to Topple Chelsea

LONDON Chelsea has not deterred at the top of the Premier League standings, which stood at 46 points. Even so, the brand-new defender teammate Felipe Luis asked to remain vigilant and not careless.

Understandably, London Blue only three points adrift of Manchester City who continue to lurk in second. Once the slip and the Citizens remain stable, then the top will certainly switch hosts.

It will be very difficult because when you are at the top, everyone wants to overthrow you from there and play as did Southampton because they played very well. But we did enough to win the fight efforts,” said Luis in Chelsea’s official website on Wednesday (12/31/2014).

If we play like that, of course we can win a lot of things. We still top the standings and now has come to an end the first half. The second half is more difficult competition and we have to keep a very high level because we knew it would be very difficult,” he continued.

Furthermore, Chelsea will face rivals, Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane on January 2 next year. Later titled London derby match seems to be running exciting, considering both teams achieve the same results in the last five games, four wins and one draw.

But we are happy because it is not easily topped the Premier League throughout the competition until now. We feel if we keep playing the second half of the season like we played today, then we could be at the top until the end of the season,” completion.