Mourinho Adoption Philosophy Barcelona Games

Mourinho Adoption Philosophy Barcelona Games

LONDON fast and tactical game that was exhibited Chelsea this season, make Cesc Fabregas reminded his team that defended former capabilities for three seasons, Barcelona. According to 27-year-old man, there are similarities between the two teams play. Fabregas reasoned, Jose Mourinho factor so excuse the Blues play like Barca.

The former Arsenal captain was also added, Mourinho has been widely studied for coach Real Madrid in the past four seasons. From that experience, the man from Portugal is able to apply the hallmark tiki taka to the team based at the Stamford Bridge.

Players who have won the first two Euro and the World Cup trophy alongside the Spanish National Team, said coach Mourinho is smart because it can adjust the strategy with the composition of the existing players.

Mourinho adjust strategies with players he had. The thing that makes him so great coach because he can adapt to the situation and can play a variety of strategies. He is very smart in training, he said as quoted the Goal, Friday (01/02/2015).

The experience that he gained in Spain can be applied to our current team. We play like Barcelona. We want to be the team that took the initiative of the game, dominate possession and scored. We may have a different system with Barca, but our philosophy together, he concluded.