Rodgers Please Reds Soon Tie Sterling

Rodgers Please Reds Soon Tie Sterling

LIVERPOOL Liverpool apparently did not want to lose their star players, namely Raheem Sterling. The coach, Brendan Rodgers hopes contract extension negotiations between the club and the player will soon be achieved in the near future.

The departure of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge injury, had a profound effect on the performance of the Anfield Gank this season. With minus two players, Liverpool is often difficult to carry out the game.

Trying to anticipate the condition, Rodgers began placing Sterling as the spearhead of the team. Given the role of Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert, has not yielded the expected results.

Transition game carried Sterling can be fairly successful. Where the action of counter Chelsea in the FA Cup stage some time ago, the 20-year attacker successfully prevent the Reds from defeat thanks to his goal.

Knowing Sterling much coveted big European clubs, Rodgers was hoping new flagship player konrak extension that can be completed. Nothing else, it is to restore the might of Liverpool in world football scene.

The club is currently negotiating with representatives of the contract extension. I think the problem that the contract will be resolved in the near future, said Rodgers, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (23/01/2015).

You can see the Sterling is very happy here (Liverpool). He wants to be here, and hopefully we can find a solution on the matter, “said the former coach of Swansea City.