Space Change Chelsea Fine!

Space Change Chelsea Fine!

LONDON Chelsea brand-new striker Loic Remy insists that his team locker room atmosphere is still fine. Only collected one point in the last two games of the Premier League does not interfere with the climate.

Competed in Southampton headquarters in St. MarysStadium, Chelsea only able to play 1-1. Then in the next game, when a visit to the headquarters of rivals, Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, the Blues swallow minor results.

Jose Mourinho’s troops are surprisingly bowed 5-3. In fact, Chelsea had leading up to the 30th minute goal by Diego Costa. The defeat of the Spurs became the second of 20 games this season.

It did not take long for Chelsea to rise. Facing team Championship, Watford in the FA Cup third round, the club Jose Mourinho was successful repacking perfect results, 3-0.

Our mood is really positive and we still focus on all of our targets this season. Throughout the season, all teams will certainly face difficulties at certain times. Even so the players still rejoice, Remy said, as reported by the official club website, Selasal (01/06/2015).

Against Watford we deserved to win. (While in the Premier League stage) we still are at the top and we also managed to qualify for the next round of the FA Cup at the event, so there is no reason to turn into a negative. We are a strong team and will continue to focus on winning every game, “complete the French national team player.