Useless Join Team Great If Only So Reserves

Useless Join Team Great If Only So Reserves

SWANSEA – Swansea City Sports Director, John van Zweden regretted the decision to dump Wilfried Bony club Manchester City. Therefore, the Dutchman was convinced that Bony will only be heated bench with The Citizens.

Official Bony trafficked City of Swansea in the winter transfer market this January with a dowry of 30 million pounds. Joint City, Ivory Coast National Team players will be wearing jersey number 14.

Seeing this makes van Zweden provide comments regarding the decision Swansea City received an offer to sell such Bony. He was deeply disappointed by the decision.

Therefore, the 54-year-old man was very confident that will not penetrate the main squad Bony team is taken care of by Manuel Pellegrini. In fact, he believes Bony unable to transform the core City striker, namely Sergio Aguero.

“I admit that we would miss goals from Wilfried Bony. And most made me feel disappointed is that he will only be a reserve player with Manchester City, “said van Zweden, as reported by the Mirror, Tuesday (27/01/2015).

“I think it will be difficult to penetrate Bony their main squad. Therefore, Sergio Aguero will still be their main striker. I personally prefer to see Wilfried be a key player in the club like Swansea compared to reserves in a great team like Manchester City, “he concluded.