Cerci boyfriend Critics Inzaghi

Cerci boyfriend Critics Inzaghi

Milan – Filippo Inzaghi’s decision to enter Alecio new Cerci finished ahead of the game not only let the player. Blatant Cerci boyfriend even dare to criticize the decision Inzaghi.

Cerci balls onto the pitch in the 86th minute as substitute Jeremy Menez when Milan beat Cesena 2-0. Inzaghi decision stoke new Cerci and play when the game will end questionable Cerci girlfriend named Federica Riccardi.

“Alessio in a fit physical condition, does not make sense to include him in the end of the game,” said Riccardi when appearing in Television RAI.

“It really is not clear,” he said as quoted by the Italian Football.

Since trafficked from Atletico Madrid with loan status, Cerci can not be the main place in the squad of Milan. Of the seven times played in Serie A, he became a starter in three games while the rest entered the field as a player pemgganti.

This is not the time pertana Riccardi join to comment on their partner’s career. When his girlfriend hammer out a deal to move from Torino to Aletico Madrid he remark ‘hot’ in Twitter.

“Goodbye Serie A. We are now going to go to the (league) real football,” kicaunya when it.