Chelsea Now Winning 7 points from City, Mourinho: It’s Good

Chelsea Now Winning 7 points from City, Mourinho: It's Good

Birmingham – draw learned Manchester City Chelsea increasingly widen the road towards the Premier League championship title. Despite claims happy, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho just wanted to focus on his own team.

Chelsea more comfortable in the throne of the standings after winning The away match against Aston Villa 2-1. Because, at the time, almost simultaneously City only able to draw 1-1 even had left earlier.

This time the Blues had 56 points results 24 matches, seven points ahead of City who pack 49 points. With 14 games remaining to the end of the competition, opportunities champion Eden Hazard et al. the greater it is.

“In this league, every team can get a lot of points. I was not surprised but I do not care,” Mourinho said on the club’s official website. “When you become a top team in the league you do not need other teams to lose points. We have to focus on yourself.”

“On the other league I would say the distance is fantastic, but in this country I would say it’s nothing. Every game will be difficult, anything could happen. The seven points means seven points. We still have 14 games left, 42 points to be obtained . We have seven points and I think that’s good. ”

“Let’s win the next game. If we are able, we would have seven points from 13 games left. Let drove step by step,” added the former manager of Porto, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

In the next game, held the middle of next week will host Chelsea Everton at Stamford Bridge.