Juventus Without Pirlo Three Week

Juventus Without Pirlo Three Week

Turin – Juventus Juventus can not strengthen over the next three weeks. The 35-year-old midfielder suffered a calf injury and it took three weeks to recover.

Pirlo injured while performing for Juve in the match against Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the Champions League last 16 on Tuesday (2/24/2015) ago. In that game, he could not even finish the first round.

Pirlo only played for 37 minutes before being pulled out. He was then replaced by Roberto Pereyra.

After undergoing the examination, on the right calf muscle Pirlo suffered a torn or rank first. Pirlo then called it took 20 days to recover fully.

“The test results showed first-degree tear in the gastrocnemius muscle in the right leg of the quarterback. He is expected to recover within 20 days,” the statement on the official website of Juve.

Thus, Pirlo will miss when Juve visit to the headquarters of AS Roma in Serie A on Monday (03/02/2015) future. Pirlo also can not be dropped in the last 16 second leg of the Champions League at home to Dortmund two weeks away.