Penalty Protest Cesena boss Milan

Penalty Protest Cesena boss Milan

Milan – AC Milan’s penalty obtained ahead of the game completely so controversial because the offense is considered not really happen. Cesena president calls himself Rossoneri players actually fall when the ball spell.

Milan can be a penalty when the game entered the 88th minute free-kick Trying to chase directed to the penalty box, Luca Antonelli which ran between six players Cesena suddenly fell. Replays showed menimal touch, but the referee still assign it to the dot is white.

Giampolo Pazzini penalty that failed to anticipate the keeper to give Milan a 2-0 lead. In the first half to lead host first goal by Giacomo Bonaventura.

“Violation of what? To me it looks like he fell himself. I’ve seen more violations that do not lead a penalty, but the referee decided to give this one in Milan. Forget it,” said Mimmo Di Carlo on Football Italia.

Furthermore, Di Carlo calls Cesena deserve better results than losing two goals without reply. He claimed his team could have made the squad ahead of Filippo Inzaghi.

“We do not look good in the first half, and Christian Abbiati who made the rescue safety net. When you play against Juventus that means wearing a lot of energy, so we need time to recharge the battery,” he added referring to the success of the offset Juventus 2-2 weeks ago.

“In the second half we had two or three occasions not only to equalize, but also lead, while Milan counter-attack and reduce the penalty. We paid dearly for mistakes, but we show that confer resistance Cesena,” completion.