Warm Welcomes Lampard’s Stamford Bridge

Warm Welcomes Lampard's Stamford Bridge

London – For the first time in a long time, Frank Lampard played at Stamford Bridge as opposed to Chelsea. Cages ‘The Blue’ Lampard was also warmly welcomed former host it.

Lampard has a half-season run leaving Chelsea, after his contract was not renewed by the West London club. In this season Lampard spent his career with Manchester City, before the middle of next year to join the New York City FC.

So naturally, if the match at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (02/01/2015) pm dawn, which unite City with Chelsea highly anticipated by fans of Chelsea, who want to see the former action hero player was in another uniform.

Unfortunately Lampard is just so substitute and the moment came when he entered by Manuel Pellegrini, to replace Fernando in the 77th minute.

No doubt Stamford Bridge was boisterous welcome the return of the legend that is the club’s top scorer with 211 goals in 13 seasons living there.

Even when the game is finished Lampard finished the last person to get into the dressing room, because players are busy 36 year Chelsea fans by doing a lap of honor to reply to welcome the public, having previously embraced Chelsea’s players and staff one by one.

“I’m very pleased to welcome today but a little nervous too,” I Lampard told Sky Sports.

“I enjoyed it. I’m very pleased with the response from both teams,” he continued.

“Manchester City Supporters already very brilliant to me. Supporters Chelsea certainly fully support their team and show elegant attitude gave me welcome.”

“I’m very happy with the moment because I do not get it at the end of last season, and I’ve been looking forward to this day. I’m very grateful for that.”

Unfortunately Lampard can not do much, as he did in the first game at the Etihad Stadium, where Lampard make goals against Chelsea. City had to with a 1-1 draw.