Wenger Arsenal Convincing Demand Response After Defeated Spurs

Wenger Arsenal Convincing Demand Response After Defeated Spurs

London – North London derby defeat at halting the Arsenal victory. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has demanded his team responded with a convincing when dealing with Leicester City.

The Gunners give up in the hands of Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 at White Hart Lane. The defeat was practically cut off a series of five-game winning streak in domestic competition since bent Southampton 0-2 in the game turn of the year.

The defeat was once downgraded Arsenal in the standings with a collection of 42 points, a point behind Spurs on it, and two points clear of Manchester United in the fourth.

On paper, the North London team will have no trouble subduing Leicester caretaker team who want to fight to avoid relegation. However, the very thing that makes Mesut Ozil et al. shall put full concentration.

“(Leicester) looked like a team that plays in the Premier League and fight to survive here,” Wenger said on the club’s official website. ‘That means, this game requires full concentration from us and we must respond with very strong for the defeat on Saturday. ”

“We had drove very well before Saturday. We just want it to continue and responded very strong because of the disappointment.”

At their first meeting this season, Arsenal were arrested Leicester 1-1. The Foxes lost eight of 10 times last away game in the Premier League.

“It’s just a matter of appearance on that day and because the Premier League is so tight, the difference between the other teams are very small,” said Wenger.

“If you look at the board table, no (near the bottom of the table) that really was out of the fight. So I think all the teams that are below and the fight to survive can stay awake.”