Wilshere Photo Problem with Shisha, Wenger: He’s Not Smoker

Wilshere Photo Problem with Shisha, Wenger: He's Not Smoker

London – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger responded horrendous picture of Jack Wilshere with a shisha pipe. Wenger revealed that Wilshere has apologized for the incident.

The controversial photo appeared Wilshere holds a shisha pipe at a nightclub in London. The picture was posted of the Arsenal midfielder in social media before hastily removed and replaced with another photo but already overdo spread.

This is not the first time, the England international was criticized for his smoking habit. Prior to this, Wilshere ever caught on camera smoking in November 2013 that repeated when undergoing a holiday after the World Cup.

In a press conference ahead of the North London derby, Wenger threw defense to their students. “I’ve talked to him about it,” said Wenger told the Guardian.

“He was not a smoker. He was sorry for what had happened but he must control his own life. When he was here two must abide by the rules.”

“The picture was taken at 12:30 after the Superbowl. I really do not know what has happened. Outside the club, so it’s own responsibility to take control of his life,” said Wenger.

“You’ve never age 20 (years). Sometimes you need to relieve the pressure. Today, every place visited, people will take a photograph, but a second in your life does not explain who you really are.”

Not long ago, Wenger Wojciech Szczesny because crack down on smoking in the bathroom after Arsenal’s defeat of Southampton. Not known, whether Wenger will drop to Wilshere witness or not.

Currently, Wilshere is undergoing treatment to heal his ankle injury after surgery in November. He could go back now significantly faster diprediski.