Create Torres, Gerrard Top

Create Torres, Gerrard Top

Madrid – Fernando Torres has played alongside many great players in his career as a footballer. Among the many great players, it is best for Torres is Steven Gerrard.

Together with the Spanish national team, Torres won the 2008 European Cup trophy, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. He did it alongside top stars such as La Furia Roja Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta.

However, when asked who the best player that ever a team with him, Torres naming Gerrard.

“It’s difficult to choose because I was fortunate to have played alongside many great players. For me, the best is Gerrard,” Torres said in an interview with Marca.

Torres shoulder to shoulder with Gerrard at Liverpool in the period 2007-2011. During the defense of the Reds, Torres scored 81 goals in 142 matches.

“I would vote for him if I had to have them in my team, if there is he behind me,” said Torres.

“Throughout my career, Steven Gerrard is the best player ever to play with me. Therefore, the ideal player I would very much like him,” said the striker who is now defending the Atletico Madrid.