De Rossi tumbles, Evra Not Invincible

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De Rossi tumbles, Evra Not Invincible

Turin Juventus is lost from Torino in Serie A at the weekend. But there is one player who remains as the “winners“: Patrice Evra.

When defeated 1-2 at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino, Sunday (26/04/2015), Juventus were without Evra, who is serving a suspension. The place is filled by Simone Padoin.

Well, because Evra is not playing, then a record he survives, that has never lost any time to play in Serie A this season. How many games left France acted it? 19 times.

Reported InfostradaLive site statistics, Evra is now the most classy after Daniele de Rossi collapsed“. Both AS Roma captain was eventually defeat after playing unbeaten 19 times this season. De Rossi took to the field in a match versus Inter Roma last Saturday, and his team lost 1-2.

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