Detained Chievo 1-1 Lazio

Detained Chievo 1-1 Lazio

Rome – Lazio again failed to reap the full points in Serie A. Biancoceleste forced to reach a point when Chievo Verona offset by a score of 1-1 at the Olimpico on Sunday (04/26/2015).

Playing at home, the home side had to wait until the first match is almost complete before they can score the opening goal made by Miroslav Klose. Chievo can only equate the score in the second half through Alberto Paloschi.

Hasi Limbang became the second consecutive failure to Lazio in a win after a previous failed by Juventus. Lazio remained in second place with 59 points, one point ahead of rivals AS Roma in third.

Meanwhile, Chievo fell to No. 14 with the acquisition of 37 points.

Antonio Candreva almost gave tiam host advantage of quickly in the third minute when his shot inches wide of the post. Another threat from Candreva but still be defeated goalkeeper Albano Bizzarri.

Bizzarri back ward Candreva when the half hour. Candreva flick from close range can be pushed over the goalkeeper. Shot Diego Novaretti strong kick into the top corner but it was wide.

Lazio finally broken the deadlock. Moments before halftime, Lazio efforts finally paid off after Miroslav Klose scored the opener. The veteran attacker combing the left side before cutting into squares to kick off with cut deceptive Bizzarri. Lazio 1-0