Final 19th for the Gunners and Opportunities Record Record in FA Cup

Final 19th for the Gunners and Opportunities Record Record in FA Cup

London – Arsenal reached the final of the FA Cup for the 19th time after beating Reading. The new record has been waiting for the Gunners if they can win the final game.

Arsenal win tickets to the FA Cup final with difficulty. Arsene Wenger must match up to half of extra time in the semi-finals against Reading at Wembley Stadium, Saturday (04/18/2015) night.

2-1 victory finally plucked by Arsenal. Alexis Sanchez became the star of victory ‘Gunner’ through the creation of two goals each in the first half and extra time.

This is the final of the 19th to Arsenal in the FA Cup. They were listed as the team most often appear at the top party in the world’s oldest tournament, ahead of Manchester United’s final appearance as much as 18 times.

In the final round, Arsenal will face the winner of the other semi-final match between Aston Villa and Liverpool. Both will compete on Sunday (04/19/2015) night.

If you can come out as a winner in the final which will be held next May 30, then Arsenal will carve record as a team with a number of the most FA Cup title. Until now, Arsenal still share the top list of collectors of the FA Cup with Manchester United with 11 titles.

Problem chance to carve the record, Wenger still reluctant to think about it. French manager chose to focus on the game that will come first rather than thinking about the final game.

“The record shows that our consistent and it is the hardest. I believe we now have to focus on the next game. We came back here for the final game, we have time to prepare and overall, the final 50:50,” said Wenger in the official club website.

“If we can beat that record, then we will be very happy. The final 50:50 so hopefully all of our players can play to get back in good condition,” he said.