Liverpool’s Suarez Still Diligent Watch on TV

Liverpool's Suarez Still Diligent Watch on TV

Barcelona – Luis Suarez is already parted with Liverpool. But, it did not make it no longer concerned with the Reds. Suarez still follow the development of Liverpool and tried to watch the matches his former club.

Suarez had been a public idol Anfield for three and a half seasons. Uruguayan striker into the machine after the death of Fernando Torres Liverpool goal by donating 82 goals in 133 matches.

Togetherness Suarez and Liverpool ended in the summer of last year. Shortly after the 2014 World Cup event, Suarez moved to Barcelona with a value of 81 million euros trasfer.

Despite leaving Liverpool, Suarez still monitoring his former club from afar. If it was possible, he would watch the match Liverpool through a glass screen.

“I’m trying to watch all the matches of Liverpool on television. They have players who are very good,” said Suarez in Soccerway.

Suarez also spoke about the departure of Steven Gerrard of Liverpool at the end of this season. Gerrard will be moved to the United States and defend the Los Angeles Galaxy.

“I was sad when I heard Stevie will go because for me he is an amazing player,” he said.

Suarez is quite successful with Barcelona. He packed 19 goals and 15 assists in 34 games this season with Barca.