Mattia Perin Stay in Genoa Season Home

Mattia Perin Stay in Genoa Season Home

Genoa – Number of bids coming from big European clubs do not make Mattia Perin allegiance to Genoa shaky. Perin confirmed he will remain next season while giving a request to the club.

Perrin is touted as one of the candidates for the Italian national team goalkeeper future, after the appearance of okenya when loaned to Pescara that promotion to Serie A for about two seasons ago.

Then the performance is increased after called again by Genoa which makes it the target of many big clubs like Inter Milan, AS Roma, Manchester United, and Liverpool.

But these enthusiasts clubs have to bite the finger because Perrin insisted he will remain in Genoa next season, to finish his contract valid until 2017.

Yet he wants club officials no longer sell star players that Genoa could actually compete in Serie A, not just struggling to survive the relegation trap.

“I am happy in Genoa and I want to survive,” said Perrin to Telenord as quoted by Football Italia.

“I have a contract until 2017 and the contract value is not very big, but not too small so,” he continued.

“President of what I want. I will keep playing in Genoa next season, 100 per cent. You can underline it, I will remain in Genoa next season.”

“I want this team is not destroyed every six month, because we want to look better again,” the 22-year-old goalkeeper.