Mourinho Not Concerned About Greeting Supporters Arsenal for Fabregas

Mourinho Not Concerned About Greeting Supporters Arsenal for Fabregas

London – Jose Mourinho Cesc Fabregas deserves a warm welcome when “home” to the headquarters of Arsenal. If one does not get Fabregas, Mourinho believes his men were ready to accept the scorn.

Febregas leave Arsenal and join Barcelona in 2011 ago. For eight seasons defend the Gunners, the Spanish midfielder won the FA Cup trophy and the title of the Community Shield.

After three years of uniformed Barca, Fabregas back to the UK. He recruited Chelsea in the summer of last year with the transfer of 33 million euros.

Fabregas has once against Arsenal since joining Chelsea, ie, when the Blues won 2-0 at Stamford Bridge, last October.

On Sunday (26/04/2015) tomorrow, Chelsea will turn to the Emirates Stadium. In the match for the first time that Fabregas back to his old home since resigned in 2011.

Although Fabregas is now a player in a team of rivals, Mourinho he still deserves a good reception from the fans of Arsenal. He made the Chelsea fans, who warmly welcomed Frank Lampard at Stamford Bridge, as an example.

“I do not worry about it. Frank Lampard played at Stamford Bridge without any problems and was well received,” said Mourinho.

“I do not see any reason Fabregas not get the same thing at the Emirates. But, if he receives some bad reaction, I thought he was ready,” he said at Soccerway.

Earlier, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has asked his supporters not to deride Fabregas at the game tomorrow. According to him, Fabregas deserves a good reception at the Emirates.