The Blues Exhibition Mental Champion and Solid Defense

The Blues Exhibition Mental Champion and Solid Defense

London – Chelsea have to work hard in the face of Manchester United. Still managed to win, with the goals without conceding, the Blues is considered to indicate a winning mentality.

Goals from Eden Hazard be the only one that is created at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (04/19/2015) pm dawn, as well as a decisive victory when Chelsea host ‘Red Devils’.

In the Premier League, this being the second consecutive 1-0 win at Chelsea after a similar score over Queens Park Rangers, also the fourth time in a row ‘The Blue’ win with a one goal difference darilawan (Hull City 3-2, 2-1 over Stoke City, and 1-0 to QPR and Chelsea).

“Later we did not play as well as we could but we were still able to achieve results with hard work and we do it again. We were slightly decreased but still got the result and the mental sign of a champion,” said Chelsea captain John Terry as quoted by the BBC.

Opta said that a score of 1-0 on a clean sheet to mark MU-102 for Chelsea in the Premier League scene when handled by Jose Mourinho in 190 matches).

“The game goes exactly as we wanted. The only thing we can not do is to immediately end the game with a second goal. Football is a talent, but the strategy is also important,” said Mourinho.

New conceded 26 goals in a total of 32 matches of the Premier League, Chelsea became the team with the second best defensive record in the event it – just less than a new Southampton conceded 24 goals. But for the affairs of the amount conceded at home games, Chelsea has the most impressive record in the Premier League because of new conceded just seven goals from 16 matches so far.