Two Error Leads to Defeat Lazio

Two Error Leads to Defeat Lazio

Torino – Lazio perform very well when facing Juventus in Serie A. But giornata 31, two errors made Biancocelesti make them have to go home empty-handed.

Juve hosted at Juventus Stadium on Sunday (04/19/2015) pm dawn, Lazio forced the home team to survive. They excel 59-41% ball possession and created more chances.

Noted there are 17 shots were fired Lazio and four of them leading to the Juventus goal. While Juve only make eight trials scored and four were right on target.

Although a lot of opportunities, Lazio was unable goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. Instead, Juve were more counter-attack could make two goals by Carlos Tevez and Leonardo Bonucci in the first round. Lazio gave up 0-2.

Two goals Juve is the fruit negligence Lazio back line. On the first goal, they neglect escort Argentine striker Tevez so that it can be cut into the penalty box and directly facing the goalkeeper Federico Marchetti.

Meanwhile, the second goal, Lazio was unable to dampen the quick counterattack Juve so central defender Bonucci like to be able to do a solo run from midfield before conquering Marchetti.

This defeat Lazio halting good lately. They finally fell after the previous record of eight consecutive victories in Serie A.
“We were previously in a good performance and strive to take the initiative. Mistakes can happen. It does not mean we did not make a

mistake in the previous eight games. But, in eight games, we are not against Juventus!” Lazio coach said, Stefano Pioli, told Sky Sport Italia.
“They are really sharp, scored on two of our mistakes. We were stung by a counter-attack, which shows how we are trying to attack Juventus,” added Pioli.

“Miroslav Klose had a good chance, we shot on the crossbar and forced Gigi Buffon makes a good rescue. We are also more control of the ball,” he said.

“We drain ball well until the final third of the field, got a lot of shots, and I thought it was just a little team that could do it at the Juventus Stadium. We were not lucky because we made a mistake in goals Juventus and they took advantage,” said Pioli.
Lazio still ranks second in Serie A. They collected 58 points, 15 points ahead of Juve who are in the top position.