Ancelotti Optimistic Madrid Could Turn Circumstances

Ancelotti Optimistic Madrid Could Turn Circumstances

Turin – Carlo Ancelotti was not too lament the defeat of Real Madrid from Juventus in the Champions League semi-final first leg. Ancelotti quite optimistic Madrid can turn things around.

Madrid defeated Juve by a score of 1-2 at the Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (06/05/2015) pm dawn. The only goal Los Blancos scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, while Juve were born two goals from Alvaro Morata feet and Carlos Tevez.

Lost in the first leg did not close the opportunity Madrid qualify for the final. To reverse the situation, they were enough to win 1-0 at the second meeting to be held at the Santiago Bernabeu next week.

“It’s a negative result, but not too bad. Everything will be decided in the Bernabeu,” said Ancelotti on the official UEFA website.

“The fans can help us at home. It would be a situation like last season’s semi-finals and quarter-finals this season,” he added.

“We are confident because we will play at home. The fans will help us,” said the former coach of AC Milan and Juve it.