Florenzi Problem sprint Hurdles Before breaking Genoa

Florenzi Problem sprint Hurdles Before breaking Genoa

Rome – Alessandro Florenzi scored specials when AS Roma victory over Genoa. He ran explore more than half the length of the pitch before goalkeeper Mattia Perin.

Roma won 2-0 at home to Genoa at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday (05/03/2015). Rome opened his lead in the first half by kicking Seydou Doumbia.

The second goal for Roma newly created at the end of the second round. But the waiting paid off with a special goal of Florenzi.

Roma still lead 1-0 and the match entered injury time has been precisely the 93rd minute. Genoa who continue to strive scored the equalizing goal was to control the ball in the game area of ​​Rome. From there began a counterattack Rome.

Florenzi won the ball of the foot Tino Costa. Furthermore, he kept running until well into the penalty box Genoa. Florenzi completed penetration with a hard shot that leads to the upper left corner of the goal guarded by Perin.

Florenzi was then asked about his running it. After playing all 93 minutes, from where he has power to gallop along approximately 60 meters?

“Well, when you hit back quickly and hear the crowd shouting encouragement, you find the energy!” Florenzi said on the official website of Rome.

“I do not know how I’ll feel tomorrow morning, or even a day later! But let’s direct the focus to Milan. We must keep this spirit,” he added.

It was the second goal in two games last Florenzi. Overall, the 24-year-old player was packed five goals in Serie A this season.

“I am more and more often scored and I like it. It is important to score. But, even if I do not score goals, I will still be happy with the three points. Goal add a bit of satisfaction and pride after the win,” he said.