Houllier: Gerrard Will Be Manager Top, One When Will Return to Liverpool

Houllier: Gerrard Will Be Manager Top, One When Will Return to Liverpool

Liverpool – Steven Gerrard is getting closer to the moment of parting with Liverpool. He is believed to be back again sometime this, perhaps as a manager because Gerrard is assessed would be peracik tactics topnotch.

The 34-year-old English footballer will undergo final appearance as a Liverpool player at Anfield at the weekend when the host Crystal Palace. After 17 years of being in the core team of the Reds, in the summer he will begin to graze in Major League Soccer (MLS) with the LA Galaxy.

“He will be a good manager because he always put the team. He is always thinking of the team, the club, and the development of other players. He is a natural leader, a leader who laden inspiration. He somebody you want to be a role model,” said Gerard Houllier, the former manager Gerrard gave Liverpool debut in the senior team in 1998, told BBC Sport.

Gerrard made his debut in the first team at the age of 18 years as a substitute for Vegard Heggem in a 2-0 home win over Blackburn on 29 November 1998.

“The fans will miss him. He is a leader and he always did,” said Houllier who also pointed to Liverpool’s Gerrard as captain in 2003.

Gerrard had so far recorded 705 appearances for Liverpool, scoring 184 goals. Besides mengapteni Liverpool when it won the 2005 Champions League, Gerrard also has twice won the FA Cup and League Cup three times.

Under the direction of Houllier, Gerrard also played a role in bringing Liverpool won the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup in the 2000-01 season and has grabbed a total of 10 titles with the club’s hometown.

The next new adventure awaits Gerrard in the Galaxy, who also defended David Beckham in the period 2007 and 2012, although at a later time Houllier believes he will return to Anfield.

“He will win the hearts of the fans as it used to do Galaxy Beckham. Stevie is a world class player and make your team win. MLS get it very straight. He will be very successful there. He will return to Liverpool in a certain capacity, I am sure. Maybe not in the near future, but he will be back sooner or later, “said Houllier.