Madrid Lose 1-2, James: It’s Not a Bad Result

Madrid Lose 1-2, James: It's Not a Bad Result

Turin – 1-2 defeat suffered by Real Madrid at home to Juventus did not make James Rodriguez hit. Colombian midfielder is convinced opportunity Madrid qualified for the finals is still wide open.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the only goal of Madrid at Juventus Stadium. By “saving” the away goal then Madridi now only have to win at least 1-0 turns Bianconeri entertain at the Santiago Bernabeu, a week longer.

In this season, Madrid lost only once at home while giving up 3-4 by Schalke in the round of 16. Rose to be their last defeat Atletico Madrid 1-2 after the bend in September 2014.

“It was not a bad result. We have to have confidence. We will be playing in front of their own supporters at home. I think the spectators in the Bernabeu really helped us,” said James told Television Espanola is quoted by Marca.

In that game, Madrid had little more dominant with 52 percent of possession. They also created 13 experiments with four of them right into the target, while Juve have 17 experiments with seven of them right Saaran.

James himself had chances to score additional goals for Madrid in the final minutes of the first half. In front of goal but his header hit the crossbar.

“Juve are a bit lucky. I think we have to forget this and think about the game next week. The match will be difficult, they will survive and they are strong. But at home we have to win,” added James.