Pellegrini: Mourinho Always Only Discussing It Not Important

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Pellegrini: Mourinho Always Only Discussing It Not Important

Manchester – Manchester City Jose Mourinho should get a reduction in points for violating the Financial Fair Play (FFP). City manager, Manuel Pellegrini, Mourinho was responding to comments lightly.

As reported earlier, Mourinho felt the punishment meted out to the City UEFA unfair. According to The Special One, should be punishment for the City is not just a fine, reduction in the number of members of the squad in the Champions League, and restrictions on the transfer of players, but also a reduction in points.

How Pellegrini respond to “attacks” Mourinho this? He did not want to be too bothered. Pellegrini considers Mourinho has too often talk about things that did not really matter.

“I do not have a view about it. Every manager can say what he wants about the Financial Fair Play rules,” said Pellegrini.

“We did not get a reduction in points because we did not deserve it,” continued the manager of Chilean origin.

“There are so many things that he always said that was not important – about Chelsea, referees, FA Cup, other managers, or any other thing,” he said on Sky Sports.

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