‘Red Devils’ Reportedly Prepares Three-Year Contract for the Young

'Red Devils' Reportedly Prepares Three-Year Contract for the Young

Manchester – Contract Ashley Young, Manchester United stay leaves one more season. Seeing their performance this season, management ‘Red Devils’ wanted to extend his contract.

Young, who came from Aston Villa in 2011, had experienced periods of bleak at Old Trafford. Ranging from erratic performance, which has led to the injury, up to a game that is not growing, Young was predicted to dilego.

However, his luck changed this season. When Louis van Gaal was appointed as manager, Young get a second chance to prove himself. Young also used the opportunity well. Evidently, lately he always believed to play as a starter, making United’s most expensive player, Angel Di Maria, pull over to the bench.

Not only always be a starter, Young understanding will tack Van Gaal who saklek –plus status is now one of the senior players in skuat– making can (and will) be played in various positions. Not only were placed as a left wing, Young also never played as a left fullback and left wingback.

“He is now back to being the player who is able to show his best: away from defenders, then release the bait early. I guess, this ability menguntukan Rooney or Fellaini who welcomed the bait,” said the former United midfielder, Paul Scholes, some time ago.

With such performance, Young called will get a contract extension of up to three years. That is, if so signing the contract, at least he will strengthen United until 2019.

Young, who is now 29 years old, is also reportedly willing to cut his salary. Currently, he reportedly paid for 120 thousand pounds per week